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Hey everyone

Big weekend coming up with Sharjah triathlon ride next Friday

Sharjah Triathlon welcome you to join our special ride in Sharjah on Friday 21 July 2017, at 5:15 am from The Flag Island in Sharjah for 74km.

By this ride we are officially announcing Sharjah Triathlon team, riding with us means your support for the first Triathlon team in Sharjah.

– Location & Time
Meet at The Flag Island – Sharjah
Wheels rolling at 05:15am

– Speed & Distance
There will be 2 groups with designated speeds we keep the group together up for first 5km and then break up into 2 groups
we all then wait at the Al Mamzar for too laps after and ride back to the start for a total distance of 74km

Group 1
Fast: free for all

Group 2
Steady: 28 – 32 kmph

– Vehicle Support & Hydration
The ride is supported by a vehicle driving and by Sharjah Police we also provide water and bananas for a mid ride stop at the Al mamzar .

See you all Friday morning

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